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Hurricane Preparedness


When we are under watch for a hurricane or tropical storm, many business owners and payroll departments focus on securing their homes and business, but sometimes forget something critical.  Paying your employees timely.

At PayMaster, making sure your employees are paid accurately, and on time is our priority.  Rest assured that if PayMaster is your payroll, time & labor, or HR partner, we will be there for you before, during*, and after the storm.

*Yes, during the storm.  Even though a hurricane may be passing through South Florida, PayMaster will be operating as normal during business hours whether from our primary facility or from our disaster center which is built to withstand and maintain operation during a direct Category 5 hurricane.

Here are some tips;

  • Encourage employee direct deposit.  While we may be operating and shipping, common couriers such as FedEx and UPS may suspend service to affected areas.  Direct deposit would ensure that your employees are paid on payday.  If everyone is on direct deposit, then you can go paperless, and not have a need for delivery.   Remember PaperLESS is MORE.
  • Consider submitting/processing payroll early and receiving your delivery ahead of time.  You may even want to change your check date to earlier, in order to allow your employees to cash/deposit checks ahead of the storm.  If a storm is going to hit on Monday, and that is your check date, then you will be a hero for changing that check date to the Friday before.
  • Have our phone number handy.  While you may not have power or Internet to access our system, you can call our office and we can perform functions for you, such as keying and submitting a payroll.
  • If you are not using PayMaster, then be sure you have a remote backup your payroll system and data that is current.

For what to do after a disaster strikes, be sure you read our blog from last year Hurricanes and Disaster Pay – Wages After The Storm

If you need to know of the status of any of our systems or services, check out our service status page here.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.  Plan Ahead.

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