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Posts tagged as “Phishing”

Payroll (Direct Deposit) Diversion Fraud is on the Rise


Late last year, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a division of the FBI released a public service announcement I-091818-PSA regarding the practice of payroll diversion by cyber-criminals. This announcement identified employees whose online self-service portal credentials were compromised, typically through a phishing attempt, and the criminal would change the direct deposit bank account of the employee to a loadable debit card in their possession. Unfortunately, once funds are sent to a debit card, the criminal can withdraw them without a trace. I am expanding that announcement to include another case of payroll diversion that we have seen. While…

Beware of W-2 Phishing Scams


While one should always be vigilant about suspicious emails, this time of the year I recommend an even heightened scrutiny. It is not uncommon to receive requests this time of the year from employees who have not received or lost their W-2 form, and in the old days, this request came in person.  Nowadays, it is not uncommon to receive a request via email that you may fulfill via replying.  It certainly cuts down on the time that it used to take to find the employer’s hard copy,  photo copy the copy, and mail  the copy to the employee.  …