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Posts published in May 2018

Are You Getting The Credit You Deserve? Here Is a TIP.


The Credit For Portion Of Employer Social Security Paid With Respect To Employee Cash Tips, or Excess FICA Tax Credit on Tips, for short, to be exact. If you are familiar with this tax credit, then congratulations, you are one of the few (just be sure you are not a victim to the ‘Confusions’ I point out below).  The IRS recently reported that for tax 2012 (yeah, it takes them this long to report), 66,400 taxpayers took advantage of this credit.  This quantity seemed underwhelming to me, so I did some research as to how many businesses were potential candidates. …

Legal Insurance. What is that?


We carry health insurance for routine ‘maintenance’ and unforeseen events, auto and home insurance for unexpected property losses, but what about protection and assistance with the day to day situations that could require legal assistance? Review of an agreement or contract ♦ securing a mortgage ♦ collecting or settling a debt ♦ credit report issues ♦ probate ♦ bankruptcy ♦ immigration ♦ divorce ♦ preparing a will ♦ traffic citation ♦ marriage ♦ purchasing faulty merchandise/consumer protection ♦ notary services ♦ these are all situations where having an attorney would be of great value, but sometimes the cost can be discouraging from having the much needed legal assistance.  Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 people have experienced some sort of legal event in…

New Tax Credit for Employers Offering Paid Leave


When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law back in December 2017, it included Section 45S to the IRS Code which includes a credit for employers who pay for family and medical leave.  The credit is a percentage of the amount of wages paid to a qualifying employee while on leave for up to 12 weeks per taxable year.  The minimum percentage is 12.5% and is increased by .25% for each percentage point by which the amount paid to a qualifying employee exceeds 50% of the employee’s wages, with a maximum credit of 25% (for employers that…