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Posts tagged as “Disaster”

Hurricane Preparedness


When we are under watch for a hurricane or tropical storm, many business owners and payroll departments focus on securing their homes and business, but sometimes forget something critical.  Paying your employees timely. At PayMaster, making sure your employees are paid accurately, and on time is our priority.  Rest assured that if PayMaster is your payroll, time & labor, or HR partner, we will be there for you before, during*, and after the storm. *Yes, during the storm.  Even though a hurricane may be passing through South Florida, PayMaster will be operating as normal during business hours whether from our…

Hurricane and Disaster Pay – Wages After The Storm


A question that I am frequently asked after a hurricane strikes is “Do I have to pay my employees for times that my business is closed during and after the storm?”  The answer is a resounding “maybe”.  It all depends upon the classification of employee (and company policy), and we can break it down into two distinct categories;  Hourly and Salaried. Let’s look at the hourly employee first.  An employee who is paid based on the hours they work would not be entitled to any legally mandated pay for time they are not working.   Some states require that if an employee…