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Posts tagged as “workers compensation”

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Part I – Who is Covered?


The subject of workers’ compensation is an expansive topic that we will tackle in a series of blogs. Part I will cover who is covered, and future articles will tackle wages, audits, and more. Workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement for just about every business operating in the U.S. There are few exceptions, which are determined at the state level; for example, Florida, where the requirement is four or more employees, including business owners who are corporate officers or Limited Liability Company (LLC) members, in a non-construction industry business. For a construction industry business operating in Florida, you only need…

Florida Workers’ Comp Rate Increase 14.5%


On October 6th, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation issued a final order approving a 14.5% increase to its workers’ compensation insurance rates.  This increase apples to both new and renewed policies effective in Florida as of December 1st, 2016.   On the bright side, this is better news than the proposed increase by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) of 19.6%. The underlying reason for the majority of this increase is due to a Florida Supreme Court ruling this past April (Castellanos v. Next Door Company) which found the mandatory attorney fee schedule per the Florida Statutes being unconstitutional as a…