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Posts tagged as “Federal Contractor”

E-Verify – Do You Know Who You Hire?


E-Verify started as a pilot program in 1997 to help employers verify the work authorization of new hires.   When you have an employee complete a USCIS Form I-9, you are taking the word of the employee and the face value of the documents they provide.   E-Verify allows you to confirm the provided documentation against multiple government databases. All employers must first complete an I-9 form for every new hire, within three business days of the date the employee starts work.  Employers must not begin the I-9 process until after the individual is hired.  The newly-hired employee jointly completes the I-9 form…

22 States Increase Minimum Wage


Happy New Year! With the new year comes 19 states changing their minimum wage effective January 1st, and another three states implementing a change effective July 1st.  While the federal minimum wage remains the same at $7.25 per hour, the minimum wage for federal contractors has increased to $10.20 per hour. The following states will have a minimum wage change effective January 1st; (click on the state name for additional information) Alaska 9.80 Arizona 10.00 Arkansas 8.50 California 10.50 Colorado 9.30 Connecticut 10.10 Florida 8.10 Hawaii 9.25 Maine 9.00 10.68   Portland Massachusetts 11.00 Michigan 8.90 Missouri 7.70 Montana 8.15…